I can’t wait to buy this! I’ve not purchased a fashion mag for years-purely because as I got into the business, I wasn’t as in awed or impressed anymore. It was just a nepotistic load of back slapping. Basically a ‘cool crowd high school scrap book’-were all your mates are the models, photographers and the rest.

YAWN. But this…this is COOL.

Naomi looks goooooood! Fashionista, only have Naomi & Sessilee….I’ll get more over that I’ll scan!

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Styled by Nicola who works for Dazed, so how much shall we bet that this is just her nepotist-ica opinion? Y’know? Just her buddies?

It’s done for V magazine, so unforts, those who know no better will drink the cool aid…….ah, such es la vida en el mundo de fashionista!!

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On a political level….I’m iffy about this…

On a visual level-YAY!!!!! You see, us black girls we aren’t that bad to look at are we…? Come on!! 18 years I’ve been reading, buying and sleeping with every fashion magazine from New York to Togo and we’re NEVAH used! EVAH! We don’t bite, I SWEAR!!
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May 29, 2008

    Gisele 4 V magazine

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LOVE her shit and most importantly LOVE the concepts behind.

M.I.A’s sisters shit rocks the land. She uses normal people as models (like I used to when I had Rant!Whooh!) and all her work has strong political undertones to make you think and make you love.

Kali Aru

New Season shit. Called ‘TOURISM’.


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Photography by Craig Dean and Styling by Alex White.

As usual, W KICKS ass when it comes to fashion spreads.

End Of.

W Mag

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