My internet name is ‘rantmagazine:boohoo‘ and occasionally ‘boohoorants‘.

An internet geek or obsessive, I used to do a cute little international mag called Rant! Magazine that was all sweetness and light. It was all dreams and ideals until I realized the creative industries sucked hard in the UK and was full of people with double barreled names and faux cockney accents.

Sigh indeed.

I ain’t no hater but t’was that the life one was supposed to be impressed with!?

Oh, yea-h…? Oh no!

Challenge me, astound me but don’t bore me with your conveyor belt existence and opinions, masquerading as an original-cause it’s fake innit?

I did pretty well if I must say so myself-well, at last in the eyes of our almighty society and peers! Also dibbled and dabbled with some cool freelance work and other stylish bits and bobs; putting on cool cutting edge art shows, art projects in disused buildings, guerrilla fashion shows and all that jazz.

What and who dis?

fashion fascists & social conformity with evolution

i’m from? eng-er-land via africa-ahh…

ah? yeah, went to nice good schools in the garden of Kent, UK and met lots and lots of funny and insular spoiled folks..

ok? for real!

next? nothing! That’s the whole point. Nothingness-Sartre had the right idea yo!

One Response to “Yo! Wha-at dis?”

  1. stylecartel Says:

    Love it Blog on sister!

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