June 20, 2008

We’re checking out the London VERSUS LA styles from these past weeks…

Here’s AGY @ Dover St Market… Too much trying too hard…

Chloe looks HOTT in LA!

Daphne Guiness @ Dover St….hmmm….looks okay…

Eva’s hitting it up in LA. She’s been dressed but I think she looks good! I think the colour looks lush with her skin colour…the contrast…

Fergie’s @ the same party in LA……all meshed it looks all-right….but her face is BAD…

Heh, Sienna Miller trying to look demure and cool in all white @ The Edge premier…it’s a cute dress…but she looks too average..

Peaches looks hotter then Pixie….much hotter….I usually think Pixie looks better but I think that “coolest girl in London” crap has gone too her head. Thus we have the ‘Agy look’ of trying to darn hard!

Lily Cole shines bright on the steps of London or not….? Hmmmmm?

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