May 29, 2008

Italian Vogue are doing a specific issue with purely Black models because they think they are underrepresented. We know there is a problem cause we don’t SEE any black models but whats really interesting at the debate over at Fashionista is that people are comparing race with weight. Some people are raising the issue that, discriminating against someone who is fat is just as bad as someone who is black-that’s life and that’s fashion, ‘GET OVER IT’.

    Chanel Iman for Benetton

But what about if you are BLACK and FAT?

You know?

It’s pretty wild and crazy. People get a kick out of discriminating. Woman get a kick out of being thinner, prettier and ‘whiter’ then you.

Full STOP.

But why can’t people call a spade a fucking spade when it comes to discussing race? People#s bullshit is insufferable but I just thought it was hilarious to read some one the responses on Fashionista!??

One girl/guy said this:

posted by guest

May 28, 2008 4:30PM

How does saying “no ethnic girls” differ from their other forms of discrimination- i.e weight, height, body type… the fashion industry is obviously not working toward an inclusive ideal of beauty, and it is hypocritical when they act as if they are. What is even worse is that those labeled as “ethnic” are usually biracial and don’t actually represent an ethnic perspective on beauty at all, other than darker skin tone.

Huh? As much as I hate the warped ideal standard of beauty that we have in society-it ISN’T the same as being Black! We are a race! We’re not a size?!!!

posted by guest

May 28, 2008 5:06PM

i don’t think calling for “no ethnic girls” is discriminatory so much as specifying the needs of the job. i wouldn’t find a “no caucasian girls” sign offensive, it just means that a certain type of girl would work better for that particular job… just like specifying hair color. this is kind of off point but just sayin’.

Err, you’re just saying cause you’re WHITE. You’ve NEVER being discriminated AGAINST! Stupid bitch-go to the middle of an all black country and see the no white signs and then talk about ‘how you wouldn’t fucking mind’….

I’m not sure it’s worth my sanity to pick out more cause it’s just along the same line without anyone really making any logical or factual sense. If you’re going to talk about race-talk about Slavery, Colonisation and the rest….




  1. The only logical distinction between discriminating against weight and ethnicity is:

    1. An obese body distracts from the garment design.
    Full-Figured models are as large as size 12-14.
    I believe the average women is a size 10-12.
    2. The business of Fashion Modeling is a discriminating
    profession by nature. Some runway or photo themes
    may discriminate by ethnicity in order to tell a
    story or convey a particular time period or place.
    Yet these are rare cases; so to see an overall
    black-out of models based on ethnicity is not just
    disturbing, it’s hurts economically.

    I’ll be commenting more about this issue on Urban Fashion Network.


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