May 29, 2008

    Gisele 4 V magazine

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Okay-this AIN’T Chanel BUT I love Commes!! And Commes is Dover St innit??
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Italian Vogue are doing a specific issue with purely Black models because they think they are underrepresented. We know there is a problem cause we don’t SEE any black models but whats really interesting at the debate over at Fashionista is that people are comparing race with weight. Some people are raising the issue that, discriminating against someone who is fat is just as bad as someone who is black-that’s life and that’s fashion, ‘GET OVER IT’.

    Chanel Iman for Benetton

But what about if you are BLACK and FAT?

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Myeah. I still don’t get this whole ironic Posh Spice modeling for Marc Jacobs.

Vicky B

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