POLITICAL FASHION: Kali Arulpragasam!!! GO GIRL!!

May 22, 2008


LOVE her shit and most importantly LOVE the concepts behind.

M.I.A’s sisters shit rocks the land. She uses normal people as models (like I used to when I had Rant!Whooh!) and all her work has strong political undertones to make you think and make you love.

Kali Aru

New Season shit. Called ‘TOURISM’.


Using a handful of countries as a templates-ones with never ending political strife and unrest; Kali Arulpragasam kicks off her latest range of Jewelry designs, with style.

The simplistic and bold undertones are as striking as they are symbolic. It’s like she is giving these countries back their independence by celebrating their culture and substance with elaborate and inyour face designs that stand out tall and proud.

Like her musical hipster sister-this lady likes to get her point across and can’t be done with beating around the bush. It may seem patronizing-the obviousness of the manner in which the cultures are depicted but I think that’s the point-kind of tongue in cheek, as this collection is called ‘TOURISM’.

And it’s actually not bloody contrived. Fashion designers have been ripping off African to Indian designs for fucking years and NEVER give credit were credits due. Now the media slyly talks about it ‘Gypsy influence’, ‘African Fabrics’ et al but it’s still so patronizing AND condescending. Like these countries should be greatful that the Western population who struggle to be stylish like their clothes!





CAR DUDES!! (Is it the Caribbean??)



Her website lads and lasses. She’s based in Notting Hill which is a bi-atch is you ain’t based in London Town but I’m guessing you can buy via da Internet??



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