TIME 100: Carine Roitfeld

May 2, 2008

Now this one-I actually agree with.


I can’t stand Hedi Silmane as a person but as an artist, I rate him; yep, I think he’s overrated but he tries to deliver to his best. And well, know, he’s not so great with words either and comes out sounding as pretentious as he is.

“Carine, 53, has always been a charismatic Parisian, one of the most Parisian women I know, in every detail of her life.

She has immaculate taste, and she is beyond unconventional in her thinking. With time I discovered that we shared a few principles: a preference for the “now” rather than the “new,” a preference for imperfection rather than so-called good taste and an attitude driven by intuition rather than reason.

Most of all, she has an innate ability to mix street culture and society, always avoiding the caricatures that can define both worlds and always recognizing the mix of both worlds as the only catalyst of energy and creativity.”

But they chose him to talk about Carine. Sigh.

News via TIME


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