GET YOU: Agent P are back with their beloved leader Kate Moss @ the helm…

May 2, 2008

Can you contain your excitement?! Can you? I can

    Nick Knight & Kate Moss & Joe Carre

    K Moss project

Straight from SHOWstudios mouth..

“The product of a grand collaboration with lingerie giant Agent Provocateur to mark the launch of their bridal range, ‘White Wedding’ is a groundbreaking exploration in extending a narrative advertising campaign to also create an experimental film series. Responding to a six-part script treatment written by Agent Provocateur founder Joe CorrĂ©, Nick Knight and a stellar cast including Kate Moss and artists Jake and Dinos Chapman have created six striking campaign stills that storyboard “the demise of a bride’s ‘big day’ and serialise the unravelling of the religious organisation behind it”.

From film footage captured whilst shooting the six shots entitled ‘The Happiest Day of Her Life’, ‘The Garden of Eden’, ‘Bad News’, ‘Frenzy’, ‘Revenge’ and ‘Let Them Eat Kate’, Nick Knight has pushed each image into new visual territories, projecting motion imagery onto interpretative props and filming it, to capture this abstraction ‘in camera’, rather than in post production. The result is an intriguing set of stylish shorts depicting Kate Moss running the gamut from demure virgin bride to dangerous, Lynchian siren that suggests new applications and creative potential for fashion film in advertising.”

Keep your knickers on. In a nut shell-it’s Mosside withering stiffly trying to look sexy and pouting at the camera. They have the use of the black models to create the contrast with all white ‘virginal’ Kate and it looks good. I personally prefer the ‘faceless’-as they seem, black models-they seem sexier then Kate.

She looks haggard and out of it. But who cares?



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