WAY BACK THEN: Fashion 1920’s style!

April 30, 2008

It’s always the very rich or the very poor who’ve constantly pushed the boundaries within the way we dress and style ourselves.

Wisconsin College boys...1928

The middle class at first & second ridicule, wait until a major designer spots the trend and being the quintessential modern day respectable ‘thief‘, takes that ‘inspiration’ to the cutting room-re-creates the style for the mainstream and wham bam thank you mam we witness as they snap it up in droves.

It’s been happening for time now and still does-although we’re unfortunately a helluva lot more homogenized as a society.

From the “illustrated history of the Psi Chapter of Theta Chi Fraternity at the University of Wisconsin-Madison” comes some of the frat boys showcasing “the height of college fashion in their raccoon coats in front of the Theta Chi House, 1928-29.”


I don’t do real fur but they look brilliant and I can’t help being endeared to the gawky-geeky Jewish American intellectual attitude that is dripping off these guys.



4 Responses to “WAY BACK THEN: Fashion 1920’s style!”

  1. Steve D. Says:

    Hello, I am the person who put that photo on the Web. Although you say you are impressed by the “gawky-geeky Jewish American intellectual attitude that is dripping off these guys,” I don’t think any of them were Jewish. For example, Ed Ziese, in the middle, was from a farm in rural Wisconsin; on either side of him are Dave Flambeau (#2) and Robert Sullivan (#3). Genaro Florez, a native of Spain, standing on the right, gave me the photo. What I think is interesting is how most of them look like men in their late 30s, even though they were college undergrads in their early or mid- 20s. Young people looked “older” back then.

  2. Steve D. Says:

    Minor correction: Robert Sullivan is the fourth person in the photo, not the third.

  3. rantersparadise Says:



    How incredible!

    They look Jewish though…even if European Jews…, the name Ziese?? Is that a Wisonsin name? I thought they were all German??

  4. Steve D. Says:

    Just checked. Ed Ziese was Lutheran. Yes, Ziese is a German name, and Wisconsin is the most German state in America.

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