April 30, 2008

..I hope you do get along as you have more in common then you may think.

    Chalayan Woodskirt

Hussien Chalayan woodskirt…

East Beach Cafe at Littlehampton, Beach, UK
East Beach Cafe sits on the beach at Littlehampton in the UK..


A typically Yohji Yamamoto creation…would you buy!?

Yeah, I know what your thinking. This shit has been done before-the famous relationship between Architecture and Fashion and I’m sure at least once every few years in either London or New York. I can’t lie to you folks and pretend I didn’t think ‘again?’

So why is this show so special? Well for the simple fact that Architecture and Fashion continues to grow @ a rapid rate culturally, especially as we are becoming more savvy and open to cultural trends, so you will obviously see more work-designs or buildings that will inspire or influence you.

It’s also all about the curation and this exhibition has a brilliantly vivid collection of images that I’ve not seen at all-I think the parallels they have used are to the point. There are personally a good number of images in this show that I would not have needed to be critiqued on and the first thing I would’ve thought if seeing the building would be-‘wow that looks like a garment’ and vice versa.

The usual suspects are there of course but that’s what makes it fun-they adamantly stick to their guns.

“But “Skin + Bones, Parallel Practices in Fashion and Architecture” (at the new Embankment Galleries in London’s Somerset House until Aug. 10) is something else: a fascinating study of how the two crafts have run separately but on similar lines over the last 25 years.

“And I am curious to see what is happening five years from now,” says Brooke Hodge, curator of Architecture and Design at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, where the exhibition originated. With input on the British side from Claire Catterall at Somerset House, Hodge has created a thought-provoking study in which she looks at fashion with an architect’s eye – and sees Frank Gehry’s scrunched metallic materials in the folds of a Lanvin dress.”

News via International Herald.



  1. Wow, stunning and very interesting. It seems to be the trend for art forms to overlap and influence one another.

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