Am I the only person who isn’t that impressed with Daphne Guiness?

April 29, 2008


But of course that could be because I’m not impressed by titles and what not, etc etc.

So lets see, the famously “most stylish woman in the world”, is auctioning off her clothes for “charity”. Ahh-she’s so giving isn’t she?

I know it’s no coincidence that just as charity work is getting fashionable-Daphne’s off loading her goods! And also-just she have a job? I mean I know she’s supposed to be rich la de da dah…but maybe she ain’t as rich as the media make out?

‘Mysteries of the world’

“”The thing is, most of the clothes I really still like,” she said, including those that never quite made it onto her back. “Some of them were unworn for a reason. I bought them just to look at.””

Really?? Looks to me like it’s most of your crappy wardrobe that you brought spur of the moment??

You like these? Not that nice….OR avant-bloody-garde…


These shoes are nice enough BUT again, I thought this woman was the most stylish woman in the world? This looks like my sisters wardrobe.

Images via The Mail & The Int Herald


3 Responses to “Am I the only person who isn’t that impressed with Daphne Guiness?”

  1. LiL Says:

    Oi!!!! The shoes look like your sister’s wardrobe?!? Err-? It looks like a chic 45 year old’s wardrobe.

    Oh, and no one likes Daphne – the media have decided that we all do but we don’t.

  2. rantersparadise Says:

    Oi LiL!! SOZ!

    I meant really cool/chic/trendy but not mental & extra ordinary like SHE bloody makes out!!

    Yeah, Daphne seems to be someone that the press are so fucking obsessed with but no one in the public bites!

    It’s like huh?

    LOVE u LiL!

  3. chip Says:

    I recently saw Ms. Guiness on a PBS special about Haute Couture. I must admit something about her was inspiring to me almost as if she gave me a muse type feeling. So for all you people that seem to think your an authority in judging others , you might want to look inside the person(s) heart and see what they feel is a completion of they’re style and you never know you’re anal way of judgment may be swayed to give any and all the chance to be themselves without others having to feel the need to degrade their sense of being.

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