DAZED DIGITAL: Lays it ‘wildstyle’ for us regarding the Centra St Martins crew…

April 23, 2008

Ahh, Central St Martins.

So elitist. So pretentious. And ever so delightfully exclusive.

The ‘Harvard of British art schools’; St Martins is the kinda place that if you don’t make it from here…you never will..

Lousie Markey

But hey guys. You can’t say I don’t give credit were credits due right? And in all fairness…all those kids who come out of this institution are shit hot work wise. They deliver.

And these designers I’ve just tapped from the DAZED website-deliver. I mean, these are the ones that DAZED have chosen-so for all I know they could have either

a) worked for DAZED
b) worked for RANKIN
c) related to RANKIN, Hack, England, etc etc
d) all the above
e) and then some…

So I’m not sure how ‘fair’, this may be but it sure does rock da boat.

Image Louise Markey.


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