April 22, 2008

‘Do we look good? Or are we trying too god damn hard?’

    ID mag LAAAn-dahhhn

Don’t get me wrong I think collectively-they rock! But it’s trying too, too hard. I’m no classic dresser-in fact, I was dressing like this years ago…; a culmination of me being originally from Africa and also my travels. I’ve always wanted to fuse all the styles together but in a subtle way…

    Agy with Westwood

Agy with Westwood. I swear Westwood is like ‘rent a fashion icon’! It’s getting tiresome now….

    Agy with WESTWOOD-uh

Westwood def styled Agy-which is why she actually looks good! I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thinks she so frigging overrated!

Check out the rest @ the lovely Fashionista


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