MACCA (Sir Paul McCartney) in Super Super magazine….!!

April 20, 2008

Right-I got this really late but who cares right?
Supersuper magazine new issue


Right-I’ve stopped laughing now-sort of in disbelief and not in disbelief. God-was this supposed to be some sort of ‘damage control’ to get him to gain favor with ‘the kids’ yo!? No offence but it’s like your grand dad trying to say ‘hip’. Now if this was Keith Richards-then it wouldn’t be a problem whatsoever-but Macca has never been cool! Look @ Heather Mucca who he married-that ain’t kewl! And his solo musical career…..what was/is that all about?

I guess on a pr level-this was class ‘A’. For Supersuper-they get the respect they’ve craved from the stuffy institution-instead of just being seeing as a ‘cool flash in the pan’, they are wanting to be seen as some kind of ‘youth media network’. Fair play. Ten points. And for Macca-he gets a good dose of ‘trendy pr’, so when he brings out another album, and he will-they will know who he is and it might actually sell?

So what do you have? Nothing I’d buy cause I don’t like Macca at all and think he’s overrated; and well, Supersuper is hit and miss with me-but entertaining.

This collaboration, allegedly gives “a rare insight into the artistic and creative mind of one of the greatest musical masterminds of the 21st century.”

Uh huh.

Sorry but this is like 20 years or so too late.

The link is here though….oh…oh..


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